This course speaks about a chance to nurture your passion and to explore into the field of world class Pastry specialization the international way. A course where you will be able to perfect a strong foundation of Pastry and Baking by practicing skills on a range of beautiful creations from Classic to the most recent Modernist approach in the pastry field. A course designed for students where they will be taught how to use their knowledge to the best and practice and experience of a 580 hour program teaches them how to use their hands to gain experience required to become a Professional Pastry Chef. A 100 % Hands on Course where we train a passionate learner to be DEDICATED to the Craft of Pastry art, to have the DESIRE to gain knowledge and to be CONSISTENT and maintain quality. Once these are MASTERED, there is no limit as to what you can create in this vast field of Pastry art and Baking.


As part of our long term future plan, we have now received accreditation to offer a Diploma in Patisserie from City and Guilds. City & Guilds is a leading Global Vocational Education with over 10,000 centres and training providers in 80+ countries, offering more than 500 qualifications across 28 industries. City & Guilds provides the best learning support; and provide employers with the talented employees they need to boost their lomg-term profitability and growth.



Rumana Jaseel, a Registered Dietician by profession, is a self taught Cake Artist. She started baking since 8th grade and has been a home baker in business since 2008. She is now the Managing Partner, Pastry Chef and Cake Artist at Incredible Art- Artisan Cake Boutique. Rumana is an active participant in both national and International Cake Decoration forums. Born with a deep rooted love of pastry art and chocolate work, her dainty, pretty looking sugar flowers and Wedding Cakes have been featured in National and International Magazines.

She is an avid lover of pastry art and chocolate work (French pastry and Modern pastry art), Wedding Cakes and everything that elevates baking to the most exquisite level of art. She is driven by her passion for perfection and her page is testament to the work that she has done over the past 5 years and more.



On completion of the course, the knowledge that you acquire is elevated to a professional stature with the attaintment of this internationally recognized certification. This is especially important for students who would like to pursue a career in Patisserie & Baking. For professionals who are already working with the catering industry, thos course becomes a continuing professional development in their current occupation. This is also ideal for those who would like to move from mere home-baking to a more entrepreneurial level.

Eligibility for Qualification

Anyone who is above 16 years of age with a real passion & potential to learn automatically qualifies

Course duration

3 months intensive course with internship assistance after



3 Months Intensive Training

Includes: 580 hours of Practical and Theory sessions with Internship assistance post course, 1 Masterclass Hotel / Bakery visits

Practical sessions

Weekly Six days

Theory Sessions

Weekly once




  1. Introduction to Professional Pastry Kitchen
  2. Basic Principles and Terms.
  3. Entrepreneurship in Baking
  4. Principles of Menu planning, composition and Item Enunciation.
  5. Safety at Work
  6. Food Handling , Food Safety and Standards.
  7. Components of Pastry
  8. Ingredients commonly used in Pastry and Baking.
  9. An understanding about Flavours and textures. Complementing Flavours.
  10. Sensory evaluation of Flavours and textures
  11. Classic Cookies and Tea cakes
  12. Tarts and Pies
  13. Pate Choux
  14. Cakes, Quick Breads and Basic Sponges
  15. Daily Breads and Artisan Breads
  16. Viennoiserie, Puff Pastry and Breakfast Pastries.
  17. Assembled cakes/ torte, Moulded Desserts and Layered Cakes
  18. Icings, Sauces and Glazes
  19. Uniportion, Entremet, Plated Desserts.
  20. Advanced Tarts, Advanced French Pastry, Modern French Desserts, Eggless Entremet.
  21. Frozen Desserts
  22. Chocolate and Confectionery
  23. Basic Chocolate Showpiece
  24. Decoration aspects: Chocolate Garnish, Basic Sugar deco, Pastillage
  25. Fondant Basics
  26. Wedding Cakes
  27. Sugarcraft Flowers
  28. Food Costing and Formulas in Baking
  29. Industry Training- Internship assistance at reputed Pastry Establishments.
  30. One MasterClass
  31. Hotel Tour

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